Columbia River Gorge Intimate Session - also, CONTEST!

September 21, 2020

I am so excited to share these images from a session last this summer with a beautiful, intelligent, strong, truly inspiring woman/one of my besties, Keisha. We went up to one of my favorite spots in the gorge where the views never fail to amaze and the sunset light is perfection. The wind was out of control! At one point we literally had to hold each other up to avoid being pushed over, and had to yell at the top of our lungs to hear one another. But Keisha went with it and the results are MAGIC. She wanted this session "just because". But what she really meant is because she is sexy and baddass and she deserves to feel like it. More of us women need that sentiment in our lives. Afterwards we started talking about something that has been bothering me for years . . . 

What IS this session called? Like, what type/genre/style of session is it? Boudoir doesn't fit because it implies 1) a bedroom is involved (duh) and 2) that the photos are being taken for a partner/are overtly sexual in nature. Most of my "boudoir" clients are being photographed outdoors and are doing this (at least primarily) for themselves. They are sexy and often include nudity, but in more of a figure study way rather than a pornographic way. I tried on "Adventure Boudoir", but that only fixed half of the problem. "Sensual" sounds creepy, and "Glamour" conjures up horrifying shopping mall images. I have started saying "Intimate Photography", but I don't love it. I could really use some help here, so I am running a contest to (re)name this genre. Winner (the person who comes up with a genre name I will use going forward instead of boudoir or intimate) will receive a custom designed session of their choosing (a $600 value). Enter on my IG: I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with! 

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